Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Switching Back to yahoo Classic from Beta Version

Hello All,
         You know this is linux blog, But I am also adding some misc posts which I am finding some thing interesting. So Enjoy..

                  Recently I was facing some issue with yahoomail, As I don't want any more Yahoo Beta Version and want to switch back to yahoo classic version. But now they don't have keep any option to switch back to yahoo Classic, they have made Beta version mendatory :(.
    So after doing some R&D at last I was able to switch back. So here I am sharing the trick...
Note : All done on firefox.
1.) Firstly just disable your java script as
                                *Click on Tools then option and finally on Contents*, their uncheck Enable Java Script.
2.) Now restart firefox.
3.) Now when you open yahoomail, it will display message asking for enabling java or switching back to older version. So now you can switch back to yahoo older version :).
4.) After that again you can enable Java for firefox in same way as you have disabled.


Kuldeep Sharma